2020 Recovery in Aviation Virtual Summit
Hosted by #DigitalAircraft   |   August 25th - 27th 2020
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What if you could not only survive these difficult times, but actually THRIVE? 

Right now, you have a rare opportunity to learn the business tactics that will help you navigate the uncertainty and grow your business, even in the current economic crisis.

The 2020 Recovery in Aviation Virtual Summit is packed with powerful strategies for your business - and you can access it all virtually, from anywhere in the world. 

If you are an aviation leader, entrepreneur or innovator trying to survive this turbulent and uncertain time in our industry, you don’t want to miss this event.

Hear from Aviation Leaders Worldwide

Over 3 days, we'll cover everything you need to know about adapting to the new aviation landscape.




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The Perfect Time for Your Business To Make an Impact in Aviation
We are aviation specialists who empower business leaders to automate processes and implement the right technologies so they can achieve high performance efficiency and revenue growth.

Today we face a challenging economic situation that has stifled the growth of many companies in aviation, including CA, BA, GA and MROs across the planet. We wholeheartedly believe that aviation business leaders and innovators like you play a critical role as we help our industry recover. 

From our huge network of business leaders, we have selected the most agile and innovative companies in aviation and we’re bringing them all to you - LIVE, online, in one collective space.

Through sharing our success stories and knowledge, we can create synergy throughout the industry and support each other as we navigate these trying times. With group collaboration, we can tap into and draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience to propel the industry forward.

We are passionate about Aviation and have made a commitment to helping businesses across all sectors in the industry not only recover, but grow and thrive.

The time to take action is now. HOW WILL YOU RESPOND?

Feel Confident and In Control of Your Aviation Business
This 3-day conference will set you on a path to creating a success strategy that will help you navigate and grow your aviation business, even in this pivotal and unprecedented time in our industry. 

You'll learn about the power of digital transformation, hear success stories from aviation leaders and get an exclusive look at powerful tools at the technology showcase.

Take advantage of this HUGE opportunity to:

  • Connect with leaders across multiple domains in the aviation industry
  • ​Learn about emerging aviation tech solutions for your business
  • ​Participate in LIVE discussions around digital transformation 
  • ​Get strategies on protecting your business in uncertain times
  • ​Identify new and unexplored opportunities to grow your business

Register now and get access to over 72 hours of content! 

Connect & Engage with Industry Leaders
Rene Banglesdorf
CEO - Charlie Bravo Aviation
Ryan Tseko
Chief Pilot - Cardone Capital
Erika Armstrong
VP - Advanced Aircrew Academy
Virender Aggarwal
CEO - RAMCO Systems
Dave Marcontell

Dean Cameron
CEO - Top Drawer Media
Fernando Miwa
Director, Maintenance & Engineering - GOL
JP Cavanna
Industry Director, Cybersecurity - Unisys
Captain Zuhair Khashman
CEO - Jordan Aviation
Stefan Fölser
CEO, Founder - eWINGZ

Michael Shea
CTO, Founder - eWINGZ 
Marilyn Gist
Author & Speaker on Leadership
Rick Noble
CEO - ATP+Flightdocs
Susan Schulz
Entrepreneur /  Consultant
Julian Beames
Head of Customer Accounts - Commsoft
Stephanie Boccarossa
COO - Air Spares Unlimited
Greg Heine
Thanos Kaponeridis
CEO - AeroSoft Systems
Jim Boccarossa
CEO - Provenair
Mark Dismuke
VP Marketing - ONEflight International
Manoj Singh
SVP - RAMCO Systems
Stuart Illian
Co Founder - Bluetail
Mike Sheward
Head of Security - Particle
Fabrizio Poli
Chairman -  Kaizen Aerospace
Mike Mullett
CEO - Laser Aviation
Klaus Sonnenleiter
CEO - Luftronix
Soma Sekhar
CEO - TrackIT Solutions

Hem Pandey 
Business Head - MRO
Elliot Margul 
CEO - Aerostrat Software
Colby Harvey
CEO - Rizse
Sander de Bree 
Chief Visionary - EXSYN
Thomas A. Alston
CEO - Aero & Marine Tax Professional
Tom Chatfield
CEO - Camber Aviation Management Ltd. 

Carlos Bianchi
VP - Seabury Solutions
Ron Robinson
CEO - 3D Printer Technology
Darko Todorovic
Director, Aviation Solutions - Unisys
Christian Albrecht
ATP / Aviation Strategy / Entrepreneur
James Kossick
COO - iFuel
Darwin Stout
VP Sales - Bluetail
Haluk Durudogan
CEO - H-D Advanced Manufacturing
Claudio Marturano
CEO - Nubis Aviation Training
Mike Higgins
Partner - Stonebriar Strategy Group
Howard Thrall
President - Stonebriar Strategy Group
Henrik Fjeld
Head of Aviation & Transport Advisory - AFRY
Chandra Gundlapalli
Global Vice President - Unisys
Vito Marone
Sr. Director Product Marketing - FARO Technologies
Vijai Nair
Business Unit Head - Digital Aviation Solutions
CLICK HERE to see the Detailed Agenda and for Instant Access to the LIVE Event

2020 #DigitalAircraft Recovery in Aviation

Virtual Summit Agenda
Details will be added as the summit date approaches.

Videos from each day will be accessible for 24 hours after LIVE broadcast
* All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) / Seattle *
Day 1: Aug 25
CLICK HERE to see the Detailed Agenda and for Instant Access to the LIVE Event
  • The state of Aviation markets 
  • ​Discovering New Business Opportunities 
  • Executing on new strategies 
  • Growing your business in hard times
  • ​Advanced Sales and Marketing execution

Day 2: Aug 26
CLICK HERE to see the Detailed Agenda and for Instant Access to the LIVE Event
  • Understanding your Business 
  • How to Create a Digital Strategy 
  • How to Affect Process Change
  • ​Selecting enabling Digital Technology
  • ​ Implementing Successful Digital Transformation
Day 3: Aug 27
CLICK HERE to see the Detailed Agenda and for Instant Access to the LIVE Event
  • Driving success when times are tough 
  • Exclusive look at  Technology supporting success 
Meet Your Virtual Summit Hosts
Mark Schulz
Mark Schulz is the founder of #DigitalAircraft and has over 30 years of experience in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry, working hands-on with Aircraft OEMs in airline operations, engineering, maintenance training, shop and engine operations. 

Over his career, Mark has transitioned from being a consumer and user of IT Solutions to being a digital solutions provider. He has a wealth and breadth of industry knowledge, starting and operating Aviation software companies and implementing digital solutions at over 200 Aviation and Aerospace companies. 

It is with this strong foundation that he can empower aviation businesses to make a full digital transformation and create efficiencies within Airline Technical Operations and MROs.

Mark holds FAA A&P and Commercial Instrument Multiengine Pilot Certificates. He completed his undergraduate studies in Aviation Technology Engineering at Purdue University before going on to complete his MBA at the University of Denver.
Larry Little
Larry Little has over 40 years in the Aviation and Aerospace industry, taking a lead role in digital transformation at a large Aerospace OEM and helping to dramatically improve the overall efficiency of engineers and mechanics worldwide.  

He has worked extensively alongside over 200 Aircraft OEMs, in airline maintenance and engineering, maintenance training, IT, operations and technical publications. 

His experience in aircraft design, maintenance and customer support has earned him a position as a key leader in the aerospace industry maintenance domain – innovating, designing, building and implementing advanced cloud-based IT solutions that set the standard for our industry today. He has been a vocal champion and leader for mobile paperless operations.

Larry holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from University of Tennessee. He further went on to complete Graduate studies at Seattle University and holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration. Larry is also an accomplished private pilot and enjoys solo flights in his spare time.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What if I miss the LIVE interview broadcast?
All videos recorded live. You can also get the all access pass to get UNLIMITED access to all the summit video content. and more.
Do I need to download any apps or software to attend?
No! We will be doing a LIVE stream that can join and watch through the event link we email you.
How can I upgrade to an All Access Pass for the event?
We will provide you details on how to get lifetime access to over 72 hours of exclusive content from the conference.
Join us and become part of the Recovery in Aviation
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